A Laser for Lovers: Unknown 80's Gem Unearthed!

A Laser for Lovers - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (RSFM-0001) by BLEO Available now on Resofame is a project a few years in the making. I served as “executive producer” of the “restoration” of the found audio and included textual archival data. Support my friend Brady Leo and order it today from the Bandcamp link!

Recovered from storage and forgotten about… until NOW: Resofame Recordings’ debut release! This appears to be the completed soundtrack to the never-completed film, A Laser for Lovers. It’s unclear what exactly happened with the film’s failed production. However, in 2012 we discovered a box in an abandoned storage locker containing a VHS cassette the original score (VHS allowed for higher fidelity than cassette), a (presumably) Brazilian trailer with Portuguese subtitles, an original Nintendo Entertainment System cartridge with a test ROM of the game’s intro screen and a folder with script treatments, storyboards and letters to the composer. We have painstakingly digitally restored and archived our findings and after two years of legal negotiations, we are able to share our findings with the rest of the world. BONUS! Each purchase gets a hi-res scan of the official movie poster, storyboards, production notes, Brazilian trailer and the abandoned Nintendo Entertainment System game ROM and NSF (Nintendo Sound File), ripped for your enjoyment!

I have a few download codes to give away, so if you are a DJ, have a radio show or a podcast, or want to share the link with friends and family, hit me up in the comments!