Snowkiss Guitar now available

Product Art

I had the chance to create a demo track for the fantastic new sampled instrument Snowkiss Guitar. I’ll let the website explain it:

A very indie virtual guitar - a boutique offset-body style, and with the sounds you’ll need for making weird noisy music all included. After sampling a few cheap guitars, we went for a really nice one. This Momose MJM has the traditional bridge and tailpiece, and Mojotone pickups modeled after pickups from above-average 1959 Fender Jazzmasters. It also looks really nice, with the snowflake and cherry petal inlays, the figured cherry top, and the white burst finish.

Over a quick coffee break, I hooked up an instance of the plug through a midi arpeggiator, and ran it through Native Instrument’s Guitar Rig 5. Super fun and quick results! You can view the demo here:

The plugin is available now with an intro price of $19 until September 30th, 2020. Regular price: $39. You can get it at the Karoryfer Store

I want to do more demos!